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What my clients say

Cross-cultural management
Cross-cultural management

"We [The Leadership Team] have really used the things you have taught us. It has been an amazing help, thank you."

Natja Hornsbæk Kleisdorff
HR Director, Berendsen

Authentic communication: Finding your voice

"9,5 /10: thank you so much for the great event last week! It was very timely for me, extremely relevant, balanced between concepts and concrete examples, between presentation and discussion. The key messages were very clear, and the delivery (ie Laure-Anne's energy and enthusiasm) inspiring."  

Charlotte Dufour

Consultant Food Systems and Nutrition


"Laure-Anne really got me thinking about purpose again: the clearer you are about your intentions, and this goes for organisations too, the more confident you are in moving forward and communicating it. I do also think storytelling and humour are great traits of confident people which were displayed brilliantly during her presentation!"

Andrea Mestrov
Senior Consultant, Impact

"You have a very positive presence and attitude, your exercises work well and I love that you have many concrete examples. Your advice helped me (I would even say “gave me permission”) to ask myself the right questions, to focus on my motivation and worth instead of my limitations. Bravo!"

Marie-Claire Dejean

HR Associate, UNDP

" I attended Laure-Anne’s workshop in Communication for coaches.

Her message about communication and how important it is to grow a business was so clear and helpful. I didn’t stop writing notes and will take her tools with me in my coaching practice.

She created a warm, professional, fun and informative day. 

Laure-Anne knows her craft and she was an inciteful, powerful facilitator. I’ve attended a few of these types of days, but none have left me with the impact and information that Laure-Anne’s did. 

I would not hesitate to attend another one of her workshops. Thank you Laure-Anne for all your help!"

Nicole Goodman

Coach@Nicole Goodman


"My objective when I started my journey with Laure-Anne was to gain knowledge within my position and grow as a professional woman. Thanks to her, not only did I receive insights into my industry, but I also gained an incredible amount of confidence in myself and my role, which I didn't expect. I definitely recommend Laure-Anne as a coach. Her kind, open and knowledgeable approach will make you think in new ways, therefore, be ready for tough but important questions! ;) 


Silvia La Face

Communication and Marketing coordinator,


Authentic communication:
The art of pitching


"Thanks again for a great workshop, I got to learn that my pitch should focus on the employer's pain points and not my own. I also learned to look at pitching from different points of view.
Laure-Anne is an energetic and happy facilitator"

"Since Laure-Anne started coaching me, everyone has seen me changed, calm and fulfilled. I have reviewed my priorities, which has been strongly felt both in my family and professional life. Above all, I started to understand what my values were and how to put them at the heart of all my decisions.

Laure-Anne is a very intelligent woman, with great listening skills, but she’s also pragmatic and won’t hesitate to highlight options when you are stuck. Her approach is very flexible: she has adapted to my personality to make me progress quickly and in the right direction. She even offered mentoring, which has allowed me not only to get job interviews but to conduct them with brio.


A true expert in communication, Laure-Anne helped me make giant leaps in a few weeks! I recommend her to anyone who feels lost, in search of meaning or who needs to communicate with impact."

Emmanuelle Taylor-Bon

Marketing Manager


Peter J.




"Thank you for today’s workshop. I found the 'wheel' useful to get an overview of central areas to consider when pitching. I thought it was useful to test the pitch and get feedback on my pitch."

Lars F.

Job seeker



Peter J.




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