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Services to small to medium businesses

• You are unsure how to reach your customers or differentiate yourself from your competitors.
• Nobody knows your products or services as well as you do, but you find it difficult to share your vision or explain the benefits of what you sell.
• You want to grow and expand abroad but have found that cultural differences are getting in the way of working and communicating effectively.

You can learn to pitch a product or a project, select the right communication channel for your audience and communicate across cultures.


I offer:

  Training for your leaders and employees in pitching, communicating across cultures, choosing the right communication channel depending on the topic and your audience, presentation skills, etc.



Coaching of individuals or small teams in interpersonal skills (verbal/non-verbal communication, self-confidence, empathy, active listening)


Partnering with team/project leaders on short or long term communication projects



Your specific needs will be met with communication and interpersonal skills solutions which are tailor-made. Together we will ensure they are anchored in your company culture or with your personal values if you have a small business.


 Finally, we will have a follow-up 3 to 6 months after completion of the mission to ensure you are reaching your objectives.


Free 30-minute consultation
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