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What you want to do in your cover letter (or any communication)

"I enjoy working in an international environment and managing several projects at the same time," a cover letter reads. "All right, good for you," the recruiter thinks, "But how is that helping me figure out if you are a good fit for the job?"

Because we are in a hurry or wired to communicate from an "I" standpoint, we forget that the person we are writing to/speaking with wonders "Why should I care? What does it mean for me?".

If we write the letter from the recruiter's perspective, the cover letter becomes "The launch of projects X, Y, X will require a firm grip on tasks, budget and timeline, and excellent stakeholders management skills. You will see in my CV that I managed two large projects simultaneously, on time and budget, for which our team won last year an award for Cross-company collaboration."

And the beauty of this simple "What's in it for them?" approach, is that it works in any communication, included (especially) with children!


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