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How to win people's trust - Communication tip #2

A friend was telling me recently how his team was called up with several others for a last-minute meeting. While people were anxiously scanning the auditorium, their big boss pulled out an organization chart. He announced that their department had been restructured, and after showing the new set-up asked if there were comments. A man towards the back exclaimed: ‘This is the first time I have been promoted on PowerPoint!’

A golden rule in communication: Always inform those impacted first. It shows respect. It allows them to seek clarification or express emotions. It gives them the space they may need.

Tip: Before you communicate a decision, keep in mind all the people it impacts. Not only the ones geographically close to you or those you have an established relationship with. Paraphrasing Maya Angelou, people will remember how you made them feel...

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Picture: Woburn Entreprises Limited

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