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How to win people's trust - Communication tip 1

In companies I have worked with, people often asked colleagues to share a document they had prepared or to elaborate on a presentation they had given, so they could reuse it. We even had an expression for it. We called it 'steal with pride'. Copying is the best compliment, goes the saying. So, in principle, we should feel flattered when people 'borrow' our work. And it's so easy nowadays. You go online, copy something you like and paste it in your social media. But how long will you trust somebody who passes your work or ideas as their own?

At university, our professor of religious studies taught us that traditionally, in Judaism, it was quite the opposite. People would say 'As so and so suggested, I think we should...'

It would give weight to their opinion.

So instead of stealing with pride, how about giving credit?

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