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Services - Individuals


• You have recently been appointed as a people manager. You have received little or no training on what is expected of you. Your team and stakeholders expect leadership, and communication is the cornerstone of your role.
• You are a project manager in a company or self-employed and want to sell your ideas, your product or engage stakeholders.
• You are transitioning to a new career or returning to the workforce after a break. You want to clarify your purpose, your skills and what you will bring to your next job.

I offer private coaching to:

  • unlock your potential and become a strong communicator

  • help you through a transition at home or at work


Regardless of how experienced you are with communication, you can get help to create and articulate your vision, objectives, and plans, and bring your team and stakeholders on board. What you will additionally gain from this work is self-awareness and clarity about your beliefs, purpose, and drivers. 

You will have a seasoned communication professional and professionally-trained coach focused 100% on you. If you are unsure about what will help you move forward, get in touch for a free and non-binding consultation.

Free 30-minute consultation
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