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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  I'm interested in communication training or life coaching. What do you offer?


I offer communication training and life-coaching for individuals and teams. Based on what you want to achieve, I will design a session that caters exactly to your needs, whether it's a three-hour training on a specific topic such as 'Public speaking', 'Stress prevention', 'Self-confidence' or individual coaching sessions. The best way to proceed is to get in touch for a (free) initial discussion so we can evaluate what will best work for you. You can find more information about my life coaching services on Facebook.


 02  Do you work remotely?


Team training is more effective when conducted in person, however, it is possible to organize a session via video conference.

You don't need to be based in Copenhagen: I coach individuals by phone or video-calls (WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom) and can come to your office.


 03  My team is culturally diverse. Do you consult on cross-cultural communication?


Absolutely, you can book an individual or team session specifically on the topic. Additionally, the communication advice, tactics (presentations, messages, speeches) you will receive will always take into account cultural aspects.


 04  What is cross-cultural management? What do you offer?


Cross-cultural management is about leading employees from different cultures in ways that consider the differences in such cultures, practices, and preferences. I offer individuals or teams working with French and/or Danes individual or group training. Your training will be designed to provide a well-balanced learning experience combining the latest research in sociology and anthropology, case studies, and real-life examples. All of it in a studious yet relaxed atmosphere fostering reflections and discussions.




 05  Who will benefit from cross-cultural management training? 



Cultural misunderstanding and faux-pas can cost you dearly...

Anybody who is serious about doing business in Denmark or France should understand their specific cultural dimensions. If you are considering a partnership (during the due diligence process), have been acquired/acquiring a company, hiring suppliers or moving to France or Denmark for an assignment, you will benefit greatly from cross-cultural training. 

You will learn about a variety of topics essential to your success in France and Denmark such as the decision-making process, how to build trust, how to give feedback, time management, work-life balance, etc. 




 06  Can I get cross-cultural management training in other cultures? 


I have extensive experience working in/with The Netherlands, the UK, and the US, so if you plan to work with e.g. France, Denmark and one of these three countries, contact me. 


 07  Do you work in Danish?


I offer services in English and French. The course material is also in English or French, but you can do the exercises in whichever language you use at work. 


 08  We are not based in Denmark. Can we still hire you?


Absolutely, get in touch by email ( or phone (+45 202 868 53) to discuss options.


 09  What will it be like to work with you?

Once you have sent your inquiry by email or called, I offer a free 30-minute consultation to understand your objectives. You will then receive a proposal tailored to your needs (consulting, training or coaching), with the estimated hours required for the job and a price quote. Upon approval, we will agree on a starting date and that's it!


Workshops are experiential: we will use a wide mix of theory, individual or team exercises, discussions and action plans. 

During our collaboration, you can expect professional and effective services and an honest relationship. There will be no spin or false promises. Hear what people who have worked with me say. I look forward to working with you!


Did you find what you were looking for? If not:

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