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Companies, A-Kasse, co-working spaces: a workshop for your team?

Recent training and workshops



  • Presentation skills (Novo Nordisk)

  • Introduction to strategic communication: Helping you achieve your goals (IDA)

  • Giving and receiving feedback to create growth opportunities (IDA)

  • Introduction to cross-cultural communication: Breaking through differences (IDA)

  • Effective communication for engineers (Amminex)

  • The art of pitching for entrepreneurs, self-employed and small business owners (LA Communication)

  • Cross-cultural management: Working with the French (Berendsen)

  • Cross-cultural skills for academics (Ballisager)

  • Leadership Summit: alignment workshop (Danske Bank)

  • Learn to pitch for your life (Akademikernes)

  • Communication skills for the corporate world (InterNations)

  • Authentic communication: find your unique voice (PWN)


  • Going all in: Showing up in the world with purpose and confidence (PWN)

  • Authenticity: the key to self-respect and true connections (CTI-trained coaches)




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