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About me

LA Communication...
...means The Communication in French. LA is also my nickname since it's short for Laure-Anne.

Laure-Anne Boschwitz

I was born and raised in France, and have spent the past two decades living in the United States, The Netherlands, and Denmark. I have also traveled extensively. These experiences have taught me the importance of communication, personally and professionally.

Throughout my career, I have learned that change is constant in the business world and that leaders are often so busy that communication can easily become just another task on an endless to-do list, instead of a key leadership skill. And yet, increasing business complexity and globalization call for better communication and grasp of cultural differences. 


Customers, employees and friends all crave the connection that comes from genuine conversations. We however seldom invest in this key aspect of business and life. We find it difficult to put ourselves 'out there' from lack of self-awareness. Still, only when we are clear about what drives us and what we stand for, can others start caring about what we have to say.

These topics have been on top of my mind since I began my career and have guided my approach to communication and coaching. With Connection with oneself and others at the heart of my approach, I use coaching methods to get my 'Communication' clients to reflect on their personal style and learn to communicate authentically. My 'Coaching' clients get to work on their communication style so it reflects their purpose, ambitions and true selves.

I hold two Master's degrees, one in Information and Communication from the Institut Français de Presse, and one in Political Science from Université Paris II-Assas. I am also a Melcrum Black Belt alumnus and a professionally trained life coach from the prestigious CoactiveTraining Institute (CTI), Amsterdam and London. 


Before founding LA Communication, I was a Senior Communication Partner in Maersk, driving the communication agenda for the 12,000 employee-strong Operations department across 125 countries.

I worked in strategic communications for almost two decades in Transport, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Event Management and the Arts.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my family and work with international clients, in English and French.

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