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Communication that works

Leadership communication:


Great leaders are all great communicators. They know how to make people want to listen to them.


Unleash your potential and become an authentic and effective communicator who will inspire others. Based on a unique combination of coaching and communication tools, you will learn to use your experience, strengths and personal style to communicate with impact.


- I come in as an advisor in communication and change

- I offer individual coaching sessions and workshops to get you ready for public speaking, pitching, and communicating more effectively with the media, your customers and employees.

Making great decisions. Young beautiful

Cross-cultural communication


In business it all comes down to knowing and understanding your audience. If you approach a Dutch like you approach an American, you are likely to struggle.


Communicating with impact across cultures requires that you understand your counterpart's approach to e.g. time management, decision-making or hierarchy. By doing so you will dramatically increase your chances of achieving your business objectives.


If you have recently started to work in Denmark or France, if you are planning a partnership or an acquisition and want to deep dive into these two cultures, my individual coaching sessions and group workshops will provide you with all the tools your need to be successful when working in France or Denmark.

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